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Winter Futsal beginning soon!!!  Futsal is a skill developing game with quick thinking, fast touches, and skill in small spaces being paramount. Futsal is long used by professional soccers top international players like Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Neymar. Futsal is utilized to develop skill that will then transfer that ball control and confidence onto players outdoor game as well. With smaller fields and less players than traditional indoor options, the player benifits from 10X more touches on the ball per game. 
under the philosophy of our Director of coaching Claudio Evangelista, former professional soccer player who also grew up in Brasil and other countries playing futsal from a young age, Brusfa strives to teach the technical aspect of futsal and develop personal skill sets, all while promoting a love of the game in a postive atmosphere that is focused on creating players that can make game decisions based of creativity instead of repetition and "direct orders". With various state, regional, and national futsal championships under our belts, even the most novice futsal player that is looking to start enhancing ball control, to the top tier, experienced futsal player, COME JOIN BRUSFA for an exciting winter session full of learning,  skill development, and a love for the game. 

Utilize your winter this year with BRUSFA to develop your game!We are planning on playing in a futsal league as well as holding weekly training sessions based on age groups and or teams. Training schedules will be released after all teams are formed.  


All season fees. jersey and apparel options will be available at tryouts

As always private training will be available all winter on first come first serve basis

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