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WE  operates in the area of ​​sports and educational programs and our specialization is programs linked to University Sports in the United States, creating opportunities and solutions for athletes/students who wish to continue their sports career while completing their studies. To keep up with our athletes, travel and information about our programs.

Luis Claudio

Luiz Cláudio, former professional player , has experience in great clubs such as Santos FC de Brasil, Necaxa and UDG Leones Negros of México. Since 2003, when he founded Brusfa, he started with private training. In 2013, we expanded our activities to competitive teams, focusing on high performance players . We are currently present in several countries, including the United States, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Paraguay and Colombia. In the United States, we operate in Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota, Arizona and Kansas City.

Our mission is to train excellent athletes, preparing them for a successful career in professional football. We seek to contribute to the integral development of our students, stimulating physical, technical and mental skills, promoting values ​​such as teamwork, leadership and resilience.

To achieve our objectives, we offer a scholarship program in association with recognized American universities. In addition to sports training, we encourage the pursuit of academic excellence, ensuring that our students are prepared for their professional future. From registration to the selection of the best universities, we offer complete assistance at each stage of the application process.

Program Features



  •     Complete high school

  • Play some sport at a competitive level
    (Have already participated in training and competitions).

  • Intermediate level of English, sufficient to obtain the minimum grades required in the TOEFL and SAT exams (The minimum grades required vary between different sports leagues and universities)*

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